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Transfer In & Out

  • Responsible Office: Athletics
  • Current Approved Version: 01/01/2012
  • Policy Type: Administrative

NCAA Bylaw: Four-Year College Prospective Student-Athletes

An athletics staff member or other representative of the institution’s athletics interests shall not make contact with the student-athlete of another NCAA or NAIA four-year collegiate institution, directly or indirectly, without first obtaining the written permission of the first institution’s athletics director (or an athletics administrator designated by the athletics director) to do so, regardless of who makes the initial contact. If permission is not granted, the second institution shall not encourage the transfer and the institution shall not provide athletically related financial assistance to the student-athlete until the student-athlete has attended the second institution for one academic year. If permission is granted to contact the student-athlete, all applicable NCAA recruiting rules apply.

NCAA Bylaw: Two-Year College Prospective Student-Athletes

A prospective student-athlete who was not a qualifier as defined in Bylaw and who is enrolled in the first year of a two-year college may not be contacted in person on or off an institution’s campus for recruiting purposes.

Forms Used for Documentation

  1. Permission to contact request
  2. Permission to contact letter
  3. Transfer Denial

Individuals and Departments Involved

  1. Compliance Office
  2. Head Coach


  1. No member of the Athletics Department may discuss with any student-athlete currently enrolled at another four-year institution, any information concerning VCU’s programs or about transferring without first receiving permission from the former institution’s Athletic Director or designee.
  2. This permission must be obtained even if the student-athlete has already left the former institution.
  3. The permission to contact must be obtained in writing.
  4. If permission to contact is denied, the coaching staff member may do nothing to encourage a transfer and will have no contact with that prospective student-athlete.
  5. Two-year college prospects in their first year of enrollment must have been certified by the NCAA Eligibility C enter as qualifiers in order to be contacted.
  6. If a prospective transfer student-athlete is already enrolled (attending classes) at Virginia Commonwealth University and contacts a coach about coming out for the team (walk-on), a request for permission to contact must still be sent to the former institution.
  7. The Compliance Office will keep all records detailing any transfer communications


Transfer IN (SA coming to VCU from another collegiate institution)

  1. When a prospect who is a student-athlete at another collegiate institution contacts the coach at VCU, the coach must inform the student-athlete that NCAA regulations prohibit them from speaking with the student.
  2. The coach may only talk long enough to get directory information to include: the student’s name, social security number and the institution they are currently attending. A coach may not discuss any information regarding the transfer process or the student’s chances of being a part of a VCU athletics team.
  3. The coach then presents the prospective student-athlete’s directory information to compliance.
  4. The compliance office will transmit a letter, via email attachment, requesting permission to contact to the prospects former or current institution.
  5. This email will be sent to the former institutions director of athletics but will also be copied to the compliance staff for processing.
  6. Any response from the institution will be filed in compliance and a copy will be forwarded to the sports coach, the academic team member responsible for overseeing the sport and the registrar’s office.
  7. Any denial of the request will be honored in spirit and letter, per NCAA regulations, by VCU athletics staff.

Transfer OUT (SA leaving VCU to attend another collegiate institution)

  1. The compliance office receives a written transfer release request from another collegiate institution. -- OR -- the compliance office is contacted by a current VCU student-athlete requesting a release to another institution.
  2. The compliance office contacts the sports head coach for approval or denial of the request.

    Note: No further steps will be taken by the compliance office until the student-athlete’s head coach has been apprised of the request.

  3. If the head coach grants permission for a student-athlete to explore transfer options, a general release statement will be produced by the compliance office. Two options may occur.
  4. The coach may ask that a release be a blanket statement. A “To whom it may concern” statement will be created so that a student-athlete can pursue options with any institution of their choosing. Alternatively, the coach may release the student-athlete only to specific institutions upon their review. If the latter, communications between the coach and the compliance office must remain open so that accurate records reflecting requests and answers are maintained.
  5. Blanket releases will become the responsibility of the student-athlete to disperse to the school(s) of their choice. A copy will remain on file in the student’s compliance folder.
  6. Institutionally specific releases will be processed via email by the compliance office ASAP.
  7. If the head coach denies the release request, a transfer denial letter will be sent immediately to the inquiring institution via email.
  8. A copy of any response provided will remain on file in the Compliance Office.

Revision History:

Note: The policy document provided to the Integrity and Compliance Office is undated. The Current Approved Version Date above is an estimate based on the date of the development of the university's Policy Library.