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Salary Supplements

  • Responsible Office: Human Resources, Division of Administration
  • Current Approved Version: 04/05/2017
  • Policy Type: Administrative

Policy Statement and Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide the parameters for salary supplementation.

Virginia Commonwealth University strives to provide competitive salaries to all employees within state and university guidelines. Therefore, supplementing an employee's salary with state, local or grant funding in excess of prescribed rates is a serious matter and is not acceptable under any circumstance.

Noncompliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. VCU supports an environment free from retaliation. Retaliation is prohibited against any employee who brings forth a good faith concern, asks a clarifying question or participates in an investigation.

Who Should Know This Policy

All faculty and staff are responsible for knowing this policy and familiarizing themselves with its contents and provisions.


Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for an employee's salary includes any and all forms of compensation, excluding allowances for official expenses authorized and incurred in an official employment capacity and those described below as “excluded payments.”


VCU Human Resources officially interprets this policy and is responsible for obtaining approval for any revisions as required by the policy Creating and Maintaining Policies and Procedures through the appropriate governance structures. Please direct policy questions to VCU Human Resources, Office of Workforce Strategies and Compensation Services.

Policy Specifics and Procedures

  1. Establishing Rates of Pay
    • Classified and Wage Employees: Rates of pay for classified and wage employees are established according to state policy and the VCU Classified Salary Administration Plan.
    • Faculty: Rates of pay for teaching and research (T&R) and administrative and professional (A&P) faculty are established for each individual faculty member according to the state Consolidated Salary Authorization for Faculty Positions in Institutions of Higher Education, the VCU Faculty Salary Administration Guidelines and by the appropriate approval authority.
  2. Excluded Payments: Payments not considered as salary supplements that are permitted under this policy include:
    • Authorized overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    • Pay differentials approved by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM)
    • Approved recognition awards and recruitment incentives provided under the VCU Classified Salary Administration Plan
    • Faculty administrative supplements for positions of associate and assistant deans, directors, department chairs and other faculty identified for assuming additional administrative responsibilities
    • Faculty salary supplements due to increased responsibilities and/or changed job assignments
    • Approved faculty and staff overload jobs
    • Faculty salary earned through private practice
    • Approved faculty bonus awards provided under the Faculty Bonus Award policy
    • School/college-based awards or awards approved by the president or vice presidents (e.g., Presidential Awards for Community Multicultural Enrichment (PACME), Dorris Douglas Budd award, Staff Senate PRIDE award).
    • Interim Pay

  3. Penalties: Other than the types of payments excluded from this policy listed above, the payment or acceptance of any salary supplement, bonus or other similar payment, in addition to the established state salary, may constitute cause for termination of employment from the university.


There are no forms associated with this policy and procedures.

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Revision History

This policy supersedes the following archived policy:

Approval/Revision  DateTitle
December 1, 1993 Salary Supplement
April 10, 2014  Salary Supplement


There are no FAQ associated with this policy and procedures.