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Policy On Gifts Of Art To VCU

  • Responsible Office: Development and Alumni Relations
  • Current Approved Version: 01/20/1993
  • Policy Type: Board of Visitors
  1. Proposal of Gift by Donor

    Objects may be added to Virginia Commonwealth University's collection of art by means of gift, bargain sale or bequest through which the University is given full and absolute title to the objects. To initiate procedures, the donor shall provide:
    1. a letter stating the intention to donate works of art, with documentation of the objects through photographs or slides;
    2. evidence of ownership of the objects proposed for donation;
    3. provenance of the objects, if known.
  2. Review of Proposed Gift

    The Director of the Anderson Gallery, in consultation with appropriate University faculty and officers, will evaluate works for acceptance into the collection according to the following criteria:
    1. whether the work of art enhances strengths within the collection or is related to the long-range direction of the collection as a whole;
    2. whether the work is of value for scholarly research, is of historic or aesthetic value, or is related to the history of the University, schools or departments within it;
    3. whether existing storage and preventive conservation environments can be provided to properly accommodate the proposed gift, and whether the condition of the work requires extensive restoration.
  3. Evaluation of Acceptability

    The Director of the Anderson Gallery, in consultation with appropriate University faculty and officers, will decide whether or not a proposed gift should be accepted by the University according to the above criteria. All proposed acquisition valued at $25,000* or more will be submitted for approval to the Advancement Committee of the Virginia Commonwealth University Board of Visitors, and subject to ratification by the Board of Visitors.

  4. Acceptance of Gifts of Art

    With the approval of the Advancement** Committee, the Director of the Anderson Gallery will notify the donor of the decision to accept the object and will prepare appropriate Deed of Gift documentation. An appraisal of the object should be received before the object is accessioned into the collection.

    * changed from $5,000 to $25,000 and from Property to Advancement Committee
    ** changed from Property to Advancement Committee