New and Recently Updated Policies

Substantive Revisions

Budget Management


Records Management


This policy establishes the general responsibilities for management, retention, and disposition of Virginia Commonwealth University records as mandated by the Virginia Public Records Act (VPRA), Code of Virginia § 42.1-76–§ 42.1-91.

Sponsored Programs Proposal Submission Deadlines


The Proposal Submission Deadline policy is intended to incorporate a sufficient time period to allow for review and submission of all requests for externally funded sponsored programs. Proposals are reviewed at the Department, School and OSP levels. Approval signatures are required at the School and OSP levels.

Student Code of Conduct Interim


The Student Code of Conduct applies to all conduct by students on university property, at VCU-sponsored activities, and off-campus. Each student is responsible for their conduct from the time of application for admission through the actual awarding of the degree. The Student Code of Conduct addresses (1) prohibited conduct, (2) students' rights and responsibilities, (3) adjudication of charges, and (4) administrative actions and sanctions. Highlights of the revision include: encouraging students to report violations to the proper authorities; enhancing and clarifying definitions of prohibited conduct; and removal of the interim suspension provision, which is now managed by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Minor Revisions

Broadcast Mass Mail


Cash Receipting


Cost Sharing


Debt Management


Research Misconduct