Policy Review Schedule

Policy Responsible Area Current Version Approvedsort descending
Employee Ethics, Conduct, and Practices Related to University Advancement and Development Development and Alumni Relations
Faculty Guide to Student Conduct in Instructional Settings Office of the Provost
Procedures for Declaration of Financial Emergency and Consequent Reduction, Reorganization, or Elimination of Programs Requiring Termination of Faculty Members Office of the Provost
Rules Violations Athletics
Information Technology Policy Framework Division of Administration
Transfers In & Out Athletics
Relationships with University-Related Foundations Office of the President
Agents Athletics
Extend, Closeout, or Release an Account Finance and Budget
Outside Professional Activity and Employment, Research and Continuing Education Division of Administration 01/01/1983
Administrative and Professional Faculty and Faculty Holding Administrative Appointments Division of Administration 07/20/1989
Gifts of Art to Virginia Commonwealth University Development and Alumni Relations 01/20/1993
Recognition of Donors and Friends Development and Alumni Relations 05/01/1993
Solicitation of Private Funds for Non-Sponsored Program Purposes Development and Alumni Relations 01/01/1995
University Policy Private Support for Endowed Chairs and Professorships Development and Alumni Relations 03/01/2001
Honorary Degree Office of the President 03/20/2001
Qatar Financial and Administrative Procedures for Recording Transactions in University and State Financial Systems Office of the Provost 08/01/2002
Faculty Representative to the Board of Visitors of VCU Office of the President 05/15/2003
Rules and Procedures Office of the President 05/06/2004
Procedures for Registered Student Organizations on the Monroe Park Campus Office of the Provost 08/05/2004
Policy Regarding Student Representative And An Alternate Student Representative to the Board of Visitors Office of the President 05/01/2005
FORMER Faculty Promotion and Tenure Policies and Procedures - FOR HIRES PRIOR TO AY 2010-11 Division of Administration 05/19/2006
Policy Statement Concerning Staff Representation on the Board of Visitors Office of the President 02/22/2007
Art on Campus Office of the President 08/09/2007
Rights and Responsibilities of Registered Student Organization Office of the Provost 05/05/2008
Sponsorship of Employees Seeking Permanent Residency Status Office of the Provost 07/21/2008
University Budget Management Policy Statement Finance and Budget 11/24/2008
Special Provisions for Fraternities and Sororities Office of the Provost 02/27/2009
International Partnership (IP) Initiative Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
Admission of International Students Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
Education Abroad and Exchange Programs Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
Immigration Services for International Students, Research Scholars, Instructional Faculty, Postdocs, or Specialists Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
Faculty Engaging in International Collaborations, Grants or Activities Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
International Student and Scholar Services Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
International Travel for VCU Faculty, Staff, Students Office of the Provost 04/06/2009
Commonwealth and University Professorships Office of the Provost 05/15/2009
Identity Theft Prevention Division of Administration 05/15/2009
Course Credit Active Duty Military Students Office of the Provost 11/12/2009
Procedures for Degree Revocation Office of the Provost 11/12/2009
University Advancement Policies and Procedures Development and Alumni Relations 05/25/2010
Qatar Financial and Administrative Policies and Procedures Office of the Provost 08/01/2010
Proposal To Approve VCU Policies On Other Sources Of Academic Credit Office of the Provost 09/13/2011
Presidential Evaluation Office of the President 11/10/2011
Responsible Conduct in Research & Scholarship Research and Innovation 06/18/2012
Threat Assessment and Violence Prevention Office of the Provost 07/18/2012
Solicitation Division of Administration 08/21/2012
Faculty Mediation and Grievance Procedure Office of the Provost 12/07/2012
Weapons Regulation Audit and Compliance Services 03/11/2013
Space Use Regulation Office of the Provost 03/11/2013
Demonstrations on the Campuses of Virginia Commonwealth University-Regulation Audit and Compliance Services 03/11/2013