Policy Points

The Integrity and Compliance Office is pleased to bring you Policy Points. This publication is a quarterly notification bringing awareness to all universitywide policy updates. All universitywide policies are located in the policy library, providing appropriate centralization and data normalization.

Click on the policy titles below to access the document in full. Questions? Comments? Please do not hesitate to email policy@vcu.edu or call 828-3982 to reach Tony Rapchick, Senior University Compliance and Policy Specialist, Integrity and Compliance Office.

Please visit www.policy.vcu.edu to access current versions of all universitywide policies.

This edition of Policy Points reflects recent updates from
October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Policy Points Newsletter
New Policies: 

Expectations of Ethical Conduct - This policy codifies the university’s commitment to VCU’s ethical standards, as approved by the Board of Visitors in 2005 and outlined in the Code of Conduct. The policy assists with accountability by including specific behaviors associated with each standard providing clarity about what it means to exhibit ethical conduct in the VCU community.

Military-Affiliated Students - This policy describes the programs and exemptions available to military students and students who are dependents of those in the armed forces. It consolidates, updates and supersedes three VCU policies (Course Credit: Active Duty Military StudentsEarly Course Registration for Military-Related Students and Awarding of Credit for Military Education).

Policy Points Newsletter
Substantive Revisions: 

Export Compliance and Research Security - This policy (formerly titled Compliance with United States Export Control Laws) updates elements of VCU's export compliance program related to export controls for sponsored projects, international travel, international shipping, international employees and visitors, and purchasing scientific equipment. Additionally, the update addresses a new category of controlled information called Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), which requires strict IT and physical security controls. Finally, the update includes provisions concerning VCU's laboratory security program.

[Removals are due to consolidation with other policies; streamlining to meet operational plans; or retirement through the governance process.]

Course Credit: Active Duty Military Students

Early Course Registration for Military-Related Students

Awarding of Credit for Military Education