Integrity and Compliance

New and Recently Updated Policies

Substantive Revisions

As of 05/22/2017

This policy establishes the criteria, implementation, and procedures by which to carry out the annual assessment of faculty performance. An annual evaluation of all faculty members is conducted on a universitywide basis. This policy was revised to clarify the evaluation process and to provide a process by which faculty members can appeal their evaluations.

As of 05/04/2017

All individuals receiving a university computing account, or using VCU computer and network resources, are expected to comply with this Computer and Network Resources Use policy. All users of VCU computer and network resources are expected to act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner. VCU computer and network resource users must respect the rights and privacy of other users, share computer and network resources equitably and follow VCU policies and local, state, and federal laws relating to copyrights, privacy, security, and other uses of computer, networks, or electronic media. Additionally, university employees are specifically prohibited from using VCU computers, networks, or electronic media in contravention of Va. Code Section 2.2-2827 as detailed in this policy.

VCU computer and network resources, including email are the property of the university, not the individual. The university has the authority to monitor computing activity as part of its responsibility to operate secure computer and network systems and may monitor electronic activities and inspect data files and communications of individuals when warranted pursuant to this policy.


Minor Revisions

As of 08/21/2017

Recently Reviewed - No Changes

As of 05/31/2017