A policy articulates requirements and expectations for behavior, actions and activities of the university community. A policy may require or prohibit an action, support compliance with applicable laws and regulations and/or mitigate risk. Click here for more information.

Procedures are mandatory actions to establish required actions and processes to comply with a policy, support compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and mitigate risk. Generally, procedures accompany policies and are approved together. In those exceptions when procedures are developed at a later date, the procedures must be vetted through the prescribed policy review and approval process.

Policy classification types recognized by VCU are listed below:

• Board of Visitors (BOV) policy addresses governance of the university and requires Board of Visitors approval. The authority to determine when a policy warrants Board of Visitors level of approval rests with the President in consultation with General Counsel.

• Administrative policy addresses universitywide operational expectations and/or compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Administrative policies are subject to approval by the President, Provost and Vice Presidents, or respective designee.

• Interim policy is a provisional BOV policy that fulfills an emergent need until final policy can be approved through the prescribed approval process. Interim policies are limited in term to one year or less and are subject to approval by the President, Provost, appropriate Vice President or respective designee.

• Local policy meets the unique needs of a unit, division, department, school or campus. Adoption of a local policy requires written approval from the applicable leadership at the level of Provost or responsible Vice President, or respective designee. Local policy may not be inconsistent with approved BOV or administrative policy. Local policy that is contrary to BOV or administrative policy will be considered void.

The Policy Library is the official repository of all current BOV policies, administrative and interim policies. You may search our policy library website by typing in keywords or the name of the policy. You may also visit our alphabetical listing of policies to find what you are looking for. Local policies are not listed in our policy library. Local policies reside in the applicable unit, division, department, school or campus.

The Policy Template is required to be used when creating or revising policy.

The Policy Owner:

• Assesses the need for policy including obtaining approval of the concept at the Vice President level

• Initiates and implements the policy process

• Obtains appropriate approvals

• Develops and writes policy and procedures

• Briefs the appropriate University Governance bodies

• For more detailed information see the Creating and Maintaining a Policy page.

Please contact policy@vcu.edu or 828-3982 with any questions regarding policies.

The lifecycle of each policy consists of four major stages:

• Initiation

• Development and Approval

• Implementation

• Evaluation

For more information see the Policy Lifecylce document.

The Policy Program within the Integrity & Compliance Office provides:

• Guidance on policy needs, assessment, creation and approval processes

• Policy template and a variety of useful policy development tools for policy owners

• Assistance with universitywide communication on policies and procedures

• Management of the centralized Policy Library

• Triennial review reminders for policy revisions

• Biannual Policy Writers Workshop

• Messaging publications of all new and recently revised policies added to the universitywide policy library